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Handyman Services Mission Viejo, CA Some people are DIY-minded and can handle small repairs and installations, but what about people who don’t have the skill, desire, or time to do so? They can’t just ignore the repairs, and need to call in professionals to get the job done. These professionals are often contractors that specialize in different fields like plumbers, carpenters, etc. However, there’s a different, more effective way to go about it-hire a handyman.

ALS Home Improvement provides excellent handyman services across Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano and Aliso Viejo. The company also caters to customers in and around Rancho Santa Margarita, Newport Beach, Irvine, Corona Del Mar, Costa Mesa, and Dana Point; so they might be the best choice for you.

How Is a Handyman Different From a Contractor?

As stated earlier, contractors specialize in certain skills and areas of home improvement. A roofing contractor would specialize in roof repairs while a carpenter would specialize in carpentry. A handyman has a very versatile skill-set and can handle all kinds of repairs in your home. For example, they can fix leaks, refinish cupboards, fix holes in drywalls, handle electrical wiring problems, etc. Excellent handymen can even handle large-scale repairs and installations because they have experience and the relevant skills.

What Does a Handyman Do?

A professional handyman can handle many different jobs quickly &efficiently, at a low cost. You would be able to pool all the repairs that need to get done and save some money and time on them. Here are some services that you can expect from a handyman.

  • Painting – If you feel your room is a little too dull or a wall needs a touch-up, you can ask a handyman for help. They’ll get the job done quickly and might even accomplish the task in a couple of days.

  • Drywall – Drywalls are somewhat fragile and can break under forceful impact. If your drywall has holes, cracks, or breaks in it, a handyman can easily fix them and refinish the wall so that it looks as good as new.

  • Plumbing – Even small plumbing installations and repairs require skill so if you need to replace faucets, repair small leaks, and have other such problems, you should hire a handyman for the job.

  • Hanging Attachments – Handymen understand how walls work and can mount things like mirrors, picture frames, televisions, light fixtures, etc, on them safely, without causing too much damage.

  • Pre-Sale Repairs – If you intend to sell your home, it’s a good idea to make it presentable. You can get small repairs done and refresh your property to ensure it’s more appealing to your prospective buyers and a handyman for hire can help. They’ll make sure your home is in good enough condition to pass buyer inspection.

Expert handyman from companies like ALS Home Improvement are have the skill and training to handle all kinds of tasks, big and small. If you want to get repairs and installations done quickly and efficiently, you should give them a call.

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