Handyman Services Irvine, CA

Handyman Services Irvine, CA For residents of Irvine, Mission Viejo, and Laguna Beach who are looking for affordable and highly reliable handyman services, Al’s Home Improvement is their perfect choice. Having worked on hundreds of projects in the past, we can offer fast and efficient solutions to homeowners’ common and even complex problems.

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Handyman Services that We Can Provide to Irvine Clients

When it comes to handling household maintenance and improvement concerns, we are the best company that Irvine clients can hire. Our offered handyman services cover practically every aspect of small to complex home concerns.

Here are some of the services that we can provide you with:

  • Plumbing services. We can replace damaged or defective plumbing fixtures, such as faucets, tubs and shower valves, water filters, and shutoff valves. We can also remedy leaking pipes and defective water heaters.

  • Restorations. We have mastered the art of home restorations, including paint touchups, repairs of cabinetry and drywalls, and replacement of baseboards. Whether you suffered from flooding or your property simply has become worn down after decades of existence, rest assured that we can bring back its old glory in no time.

  • Electrical troubleshooting. Don’t let faulty electrical connections start a fire that will raze down your investment: call us soon and we’ll remedy any electrical concern that you may have. We can also perform simple replacements of switches and lights aside from installation of dimmers and other special lighting fixtures that you fancy.

  • Carpentry jobs. We can repair door and cabinet hinges, install new baseboards and doors, and perform other carpentry tasks. We have master carpenters who can also create and install custom cabinetry so you can have ample space to store your kitchen utensils, car tools, or wardrobe.

  • Interior painting. If you want expert help on giving your home interiors a fresh look, we’ll send you our expert home painters. Whether you just want one room to be painted or you need your entire interiors undergo professional touchup, we can assure you of positive results.

  • Various installation tasks. There are so many tasks that we can do concerning the installation of common household fixtures and amenities. We can install shower doors, drapes, blinds, paintings, wall-mounted TVs, bookcases, and the like. While such handyman services can be done the DIY-way, it would still be better to let our expert crew handle them for your convenience.

What Makes Us Click as Handymen?

While we acknowledge that there are companies in Irvine, CA and nearby California cities providing handyman services, we are still able to stand out from the competition because of our impressive credentials. For one, we have decades’ worth of experience performing home maintenance, beautification, and improvement tasks. We also undergo continuous and proper training, making us highly skilled and very professional in what we do.

Moreover, we have complete tools and access to premium replacement parts and materials. We also take pride in our systematic processes when handling clients’ handyman concerns, hence allowing us to finish projects fast and with positive outcomes guaranteed. Best of all, we offer competitive rates for the services we offer, so even those with limited budget can enjoy our expert handyman services.

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