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Home Improvement Mission Viejo, CA Our crews have worked on various home improvement projects in Mission Viejo, Irvine, Laguna Beach, and other major cities in the state. With more than two decades of doing small-time to large-scale projects, we have become experts in improving the beauty, safety, functionality of our clients’ homes.

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We Can Handle All Your Home Improvement Concerns

As a contractor servicing Mission Viejo and surrounding California areas, we have the knowledge and skills vital to helping valued clients realize their plans or ideas for their home. Through the years, Al’s Home Improvement has come to represent a fine tradition of exquisite improvements done to different home types and designs: townhomes, vacation houses, villas, log cabins, mansions, colonial, and modern. Accordingly, our wide knowledge of home improvement has been instrumental in providing clients with dwellings that offer them security and unmatched comfort.

Areas to Include in a Home Improvement Project

There are a lot of home improvement ideas that we can work on. Here’s a list of the areas that we can improve:

  • Kitchen area. We can make your kitchen more functional, safer, and more inviting by enlarging it, adding custom cabinetry and top-of-the-line electronic cooking appliances, and changing the paint or lighting fixtures currently installed.

  • Bathroom. Enjoy taking daily baths with a new and improved bathroom with a spa or piped-in music. We can also change fixtures and floor/wall tiles, install dedicated cabinets for your towels, shampoos, soaps, and other essentials, and perhaps, make lighting more conducive for a truly relaxing bath.

  • Living room. Let us ensure fun and memorable moments with your family by equipping your living room with a home entertainment system or replacing your old couch with a plush and more comfy sofa set.

  • Bedrooms. There is no limit when it comes to bedroom improvements. We can install a walk-in closet, change your carpeting or wallpaper, or make your room larger. Just tell us what your ideas are, and we’ll accommodate them.

  • Garage. We can install remote-control and an automated mechanism to make going in and out of your garage easier. We can also build custom tool racks so you can practice your handyman skills.

Aside from these awesome improvement ideas for specific areas in and around homes, we can also create a master home improvement plan for you by assessing your needs and current home condition. Rest assured that we’ll do everything to make your home much better.

Our Reliable Partner Suppliers

We can handle all types of home improvement projects with the help of our trusted partner companies that provide us with topnotch materials and supplies. From furniture and lighting/bathroom fixtures to materials used for new installations, like flooring tiles, drywalls, paint, hardwood, and many others, we can source these materials. With us, no demand can be too petty or too ambitious since we have access to premium supplies and materials to satisfy clients’ requests.

The Finest Home Improvement Crews

Our crews can do interior painting, custom carpentry, plumbing, flooring repair and installation, and many other home improvement tasks. Clients in Mission Viejo, CA and other areas we serve will surely be satisfied with the work quality that our qualified and experienced crews provide. So call us today at 949-600-6489, and let us make your home more comfortable and stunning.

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