Cabinet Installation

If you need help installation with kitchen cabinets or you need help laying out your kitchen cabinets we can help.

Pullout Shelves

The convenience of Pullout Shelves is a great addition to cabinets. We can customize your cabinets to maximize your space.

Cabinet Modifications

If you are not happy with your kitchen cabinet layout, design and functionality you will be happy to learn that there are many simple cabinet improvements or cabinet modifications that can be made to you cabinets that can be done faster and cheaper then cabinet replacement.

Cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing can dramitically improve the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. A cabinet refacing job requires that you change all of your cabinet doors including drawer fronts. This job is done by attaching a wood skin to your existing cabinets, changing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

The wood skin, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts can be stain grade wood like maple or cherry or paint grade. People that reface there cabinets often replace there hinges, drawer slides, and pullout shelves. It is also possible to modify the layout by adding, modifying existing cabinets, or removing cabinets. The final touch to your cabinet refacing project is to add decoravtive mouldings to your cabinet tops, sides and bottoms. This extra finish detail will make you project pop!

Upgrading cabinet hinges and drawer slides

If your cabinets receive a lot of use and you are happy with the general appearance of your kitchen cabinets thin you may wont to consider upgrading your hardware such as hinges and drawer slides. A nice feature that modern cabinet hardware has is "soft close". Soft close hardware allows for a smooth silent close no matter how hard you close the door.

Adding pullout shelves to your pantry or pan and pan storage area

If you have a large pantry style cabinet you may consider adding pullout shelves to you cabinet. The main advantage of having pullout shelf is that you will be able to see what is in the back of your cabinet, by simply pullout the shelf. This will help you with you shopping list and planning meals.

Example of a cabinet modification: Removed old trash compactors and installing a pullout shelf with trash cans

Cabinet Modification Cabinet Modification
Cabinet Modification Cabinet Modification

Door Replacement

If you are remodeling your home don't forget about upgrading your interior doors. The modern interior door can be a hollow core door style or solid core. A hollow core style is inexpensive, looks great, and works for most applications. If you need more privacy or a heavy duty type door then a solid core may be a better option. A solid core door would also give you more privacy. The door manufacuters make many differnent styles that can match your design style or d├ęcor. Often you can mix and match hollow core and solid core doors in your home with the same style. This will save you money since you wont need to spend extra money for a solid core door for an opening that does not require a solid core door like a linen closet.

Door Replacement Door Replacement
Door Replacement

Closet doors or Bi Pass Doors

A Bi Pass Door is typcially used for a closet. An issue that most people have with Bi Pass type doors is that you can only access half the opening at one time. Example: If your closet opening is 8 feet wide, then you would have two doors that are 4 feet wide, which means that you can only see half of your closet at one time. This can be a pain if you are trying to organize your closet or if you a looking for something.

Closet doors or Bi Pass Doors Closet doors or Bi Pass Doors

Two 4 foot wide mirrorred Bi Pass closet doors

Closet doors or Bi Pass Doors

Bi Fold Doors

BiFold doors are designed for clothing, laundry machine, or utility closets. They are installed in pairs and fold when open against the side of the opening. A feature of this style door is that when opened they can extend beyond the wall. This can be an issue in a narrow area such as a hallway closet.

The style of BiFold door can be ordered to match your existing doors in many cases.

When we install Bifold doors we use heavy duty hardware that is specifically designed for the correct application which gives customers trouble free operation.

Building Closets

If you have a large room and need extra closet space. A closet can be build at the end or corner the room by contructing a wall and installation of closet doors.

Closet organizers

We can build you a simple closet organizer or install the closet organizer of your dreams.

Closet organizers

Wall removal and doorway demo

If you have two rooms side by side we can construct an extra large room in your home by removing the wall and doorway.

Wall building and door way addition

If you have an extra large room in your home such as a family room or bonus room and you need and extra room you can divide the room by adding a wall and extra door.

Part of bonus room converted to walk in closet with closet doors, customer will paint.

Wall removal and doorway demo Wall removal and doorway demo
Closet doors or Bi Pass Doors

A Wall Mounted Sliding door

A wall mounted sliding door is suited for applications where a conventional door may not fit because of room size or make a room seem to small. A possible option to a conventional door could be a pocket door may; however, this may not work because of cost or structurall issues.

A Wall Mounted Sliding door A Wall Mounted Sliding door
A Wall Mounted Sliding door

An Inside the Wall Pocket door

A pocket door is designed to go into the wall on a track. It is a great type of door if floor space is at a premium. A pocket door is great for bathroom or closet.

Decoravtive Mouldings

The beauty and archetual detail of the interior of you home can be enhanced by using decorative mouldings on your doors, windows, walls, and ceilings. The moulding is available in a varity of sizes, materials, and styles. This varity can help you make your home unique and reflect your individual style.

Floor triming with baseboards: This type of moulding is used to hide the gap between the wall and the floor. This job can be done any time; however, The best time to perform this job is before painting the interior of your home or installation of carpet, or after installation of laminate, wood or tile flooring.

Door triming with casing

The casing is used to hide the gap between the door jamb and the wall. The casing usually touches the floor and ties in to the baseboards. It is important that the style of baseboards and casing match for a correct finished look.

Window triming with casing

A window can be trimmed with wood,casing and a sill and is used to hide the gap between the window and the wall.

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